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Browns will play Ravens in back-to-back games in 2021

After finishing 11-5 and winning a playoff game in 2020, the Browns are an attractive team on this year’s schedule. The club has three primetime games plus another nationally televised

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Rivaroxaban reduces first and total ischemic events in patients with peripheral artery disease

Rivaroxaban, in addition to low-dose aspirin, significantly reduced the occurrence of total severe events of the heart, limb or brain and issues related to other vascular complications in patients with

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Robust domestic demand lifts U.S. trade deficit to record high

The U.S. trade deficit jumped to a record high in March amid roaring domestic demand, which is drawing in imports, and the gap could widen further as the nation’s economic

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16-bit sci-fi classic Flashback is getting (another) sequel

Developer Microids has revealed it’s working on a direct sequel to 16-bit sci-fi classic Flashback – something of a surprising announcement, given it already has one. The original Flashback, released

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Influencer slammed for saying coffee and walks aren’t acceptable date options

An influencer has been slammed for her controversial opinion on what counts as an acceptable date. Kornelija Slunjski, who goes by the pseudonym Koko Beaute on TikTok, has racked up

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