Half Mag / Half Zine

Developer Microids has revealed it’s working on a direct sequel to 16-bit sci-fi classic Flashback – something of a surprising announcement, given it already has one.

The original Flashback, released by Delphine Software in 1992, followed the far-flung future adventures of agent Conrad B. Hart on the trail of shapeshifting aliens attempting to infiltrate human society – an investigation that, much like Delphine’s earlier Another World, took the form of a platform-puzzler, complete with strikingly cinematic rotoscoped visuals.

Flashback proved to be enough of a hit that, in 1995, it received a sequel titled Fade to Black, which took the series into full 3D for some third-person adventuring – and it even got the 2.5D remake treatment, albeit one that wasn’t especially well-received, in 2013.

Now, with Flashback’s 30th anniversary looming, French publisher Microids has announced it’s working on a new sequel, which, despite the existence of Fade to Black, it’s calling Flashback 2.

Whether it’ll see a return to the retro rotoscoped beauty of the original, or something more along the lines of its comparatively new-fangled successors, remains to be seen – as does pretty much everything else given the limited information in Microids’ announcement tweet.

What we do know, though, is that it’s planned to release on PC and unspecified consoles some time next year, and that additional details will be shared in due course.