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A woman says a glitch on her driving licence photo that left her looking bald has made it tough to get into pubs.

Lisa McKay, 24, is considering getting a new photo taken to stop the hassle now that pubs have opened.

At the time of the photo, she had a short platinum blonde pixie cut, which left her looking rather bald in the photo.

The clerical assistant says that she often gets called ‘Homer Simpson’ due to the tufts of hair on the side of her head and the rounded lines at the top of the photo.

Lisa said: “I think it turned out so badly because I’m very pale, my hair was white blonde and styled into a pixie cut.

“When they print your licence, they put a weird white filter over it which sort of white casts everything.

“So it ended up that my forehand blended into my hair, which blended into the background. I look bald but with a few tufts of hair at the side.

“When I first got it, I didn’t even take in how bad it was. It was only when I started getting funny looks off bouncers that I took a closer look.

“My friends and I had a good laugh. Quite a few bouncers have mentioned how awful the photo is.

“I’m often questioned because of it. I think people think it’s a bad fake or it’s not of me since it’s not a very identifiable photo.

“I’ve had people tell me that I look like Homer Simpson, or like Eleven in Stranger Things.

“I always joke that I look like my dad, who is bald.”

Lisa had the licence issued back in 2016 – but is now considering getting a new photo so that she will not be knocked back from going to the pub once restrictions lift.

She added: “Looking back, I should’ve paid more attention to my licence at first and asked for another to be done.

“I’m finally getting around to sending for a new photo, as I just don’t want to run the risk of being knocked back from places when restrictions here lift

“I’ll definitely be triple checking my photo when I get a new licence this time round that’s for sure.”