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This incredible video appears to show a man leaping into the sky in a confusing optical illusion, but can you figure out what is really happening?

In the footage, a man can be seen dressed in black, standing on the face of a rock with a beautiful blue sky, complete with pristine white clouds, beneath his feet.

He then leaps and performs a perfect backflip – and appears to float upwards into the sky, towards the clouds, and continues to rise until he is obscured by the rock.

The video left internet users perplexed after it was shared on Reddit, with one user saying it looks like something out of a video game.

Filmed in Ostallgäu, Germany, the video shows the man leaping into Lake Alpsee, which is perfectly still and reflecting the sky above.

It was uploaded to Reddit on Monday, May 17, and so far it has been upvoted 2,800 times.

One user commented: “Holy c***, this was made way better by it buffering on the exact frame he went out of view but before he hit the water so it looked like he just disappeared.”

Another posted: “For real, that looks insane.”

And another said: “It reminds me of Mario jumping into the paintings in Super Mario 64.”

Meanwhile, another optical illusion shared online appeared to show a young girl melting into concrete.

It took internet users a while to figure out what was really happening, and some had to have the solution explained to them.