Half Mag / Half Zine

It has been nearly 20 years since the NFC East has been won by the same team in consecutive years and it is the Washington Football Team’s chance to change that in 2021.

If they do, it will likely be because they finish strong. Washington plays the Giants at home on Thursday night in Week 2 and then they will play 10 opponents from outside of the division over the next 11 weeks.

Once that stretch is done, Washington will close out the season with five straight divisional opponents. They host the Cowboys in Week 14, travel to Philly in Week 15, face the Cowboys on the road in Week 16, return home for another matchup with the Eagles, and then travel to MetLife Stadium to face the Giants in Week 18.

The Eagles have divisional opponents in their last four games and backloading the divisional schedule makes it look like a good bet that the NFC East race isn’t going to be decided early unless someone piles up a ton of wins heading into December.