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Eagles likely won’t get on a plane after Week 10

The first half of the Eagles schedule includes trips to Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas, Charlotte, and Detroit, but the second half won’t require them to do much traveling by plane.

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Pulsations driving the brain’s cleaning system completely different in patients with Alzheimer’s disease

Research into Alzheimer’s disease took another major leap forward as researchers at the University of Oulu, Finland, succeeded in describing in detail how the pulsations of the cerebral arteries maintaining

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Authorities open labour probe at German Tesla site

German authorities are probing possible violations of labour laws at the construction site of Tesla’s (TSLA.O) future German factory, Business Insider reported on Tuesday. The State Office for Occupational Safety

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Microsoft gives FPS boost to 74 more Xbox Series X/S games

Microsoft has announced that another 74 games have been given the FPS Boost treatment, bringing the total number of boosted titles up to 97. The new set of 74 games

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Woman left with wax stuck up her nose in hilarious fail at beauticians

It’s been a tough old year going through the pandemic and we’re sure many people would agree that finally being able to head back to salons and restaurants feels incredible.

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