Half Mag / Half Zine

The first half of the Eagles schedule includes trips to Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas, Charlotte, and Detroit, but the second half won’t require them to do much traveling by plane.

After a game against Denver in Week 10, the Eagles should be able to use a bus for all of their out of town work. The Eagles will be at home for four of their final seven games and their road games will all be within a couple of hours drive.

They will face the Giants at MetLife Stadium in Week 12 and return there in Week 13 to face the Jets. They will also go to Washington in Week 17, which will be the second time they play the Football Team in a three-week span.

That game is sandwiched around home games against the Giants and Cowboys as five of the Eagles’ final six games will be against NFC East opponents. Whether they’ll still be in the race for a division title at that point can’t be known, the way the schedule shakes out means they’ll likely have a role in determining how things shake out on the playoff front and won’t be battling jet lag as they do it.