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It’s been a tough old year going through the pandemic and we’re sure many people would agree that finally being able to head back to salons and restaurants feels incredible.

However, one woman might wish she’d stuck to the DIY beauty regime after she got wax stuck up her nose during an appointment at the salon to remove nostril hair.

Brittany Shackleton managed to capture the amusing moment the stick detached from the wax on video, leaving her nostril full of wax, plus all the hair still remaining.

However, things went from bad to worse when the beautician tried to remove the wax by hand, only for her false nail to get stuck to the wax and pop off.

Luckily Brittany seemed more entertained than concerned, and she can be seen wheezing with laughter at the whole ordeal.

“Surely this is the funniest thing you’ve seen all day,” Brittany wrote alongside the clip, which she shared to TikTok.

“She nailed it,” one user commented, while another added: “It just keeps getting worse…”

Fortunately, Brittany returned in a follow-up video to explain that the beautician is a good friend of hers, and they managed to get the wax out her nose with no problems at all. Phew!

“I just want to say that the wax easily came out my nose, it did not hurt at all and her nail came off easy because it was just a stick on,” she explained. “She is one of my very good friends, she’s a beautician and she’s very professional.”

In another clip Brittany showed the clumps of wax, which were nicely coated in her nostril hair, to her boyfriend, who simply responded: “Yuck!” Yep, we feel ya.