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Tom Brady may break career passing yardage record in New England

Tom Brady‘s return to New England may see him break a major NFL record. Brady is currently 1,154 passing yards behind Drew Brees for the NFL’s all-time career record. That

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Lives saved by breast cancer screening outweigh harms of overdiagnosis

Overdiagnosis of breast cancer may be an inevitable consequence of the national population screening program, but the benefits of early diagnosis outweigh the harms of possible overtreatment, according to the

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Climate activists urge BlackRock, Vanguard to vote against Exxon directors

Climate activists are prodding Exxon Mobil Corp’s (XOM.N) top shareholders to vote against the reelection of two directors, a move that could boost a hedge fund’s proxy fight to seat

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Fortnite earned $9bn in two years

Fortnite generated $9.1bn in revenue across 2018 and 2019, new documents from the ongoing Epic vs Apple lawsuit have shown. This breaks down to $5.4bn in 2018 and a further

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Dad slammed for making daughter do chores to earn sanitary products each month

When it comes to parenting, everyone has their own methods and styles and anything you do is likely to be criticised by someone else – for example, the amount of

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